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Doctor, who knit this almost four yards long scarf? - Long version fabric by bonnie_phantasm on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Preview scale: 42.0 x 36.0 inches

Currently set to HALF the original scale!
This is a HUGE design; being 129.25 inches (no typo - almost one hundred thirty inches!) long - if you want a complete repeat, you have to order four yards of it.
That's at least the size for fabric; if you order this as wallpaper, the repeat is 6 x 70.5 inches - considerably smaller - sorry, that's the wallpaper size restriction; and I can't change it.
Please see the '4 yards' view (by typing '4' into the yards field on the right) to see the full repeat; or select the 'Swatch' in the dropdown field to see the details.

If you'd like to check if my stripe coloring and width is correct, please look at the four yards view and start checking from bottom to top - the repeat ends at the approximately 16 inches mark on top (and yes, Spoonflower tiles repeats from bottom to top).

I have another version of this design, which doesn't have the design in 'one length' but tiled up in four rows on a yard of fabric - you can find it here.

The design LOOKS knit, but that knit is actually just printed (on whatever kind of fabric you chose on the right - I recommend either Cotton Poplin or Organic Cotton Sateen, since on those, the colors print best).

This is a perfect alternative for fourth Doctors who, for whatever reason, don't want to carry the weight of a real knit scarf - or for female doctors who want parts of their dresses to *look* like knit, but don't have the patience to do it (or the power to carry that weight - and yes, I have a certain person in mind who gave me the idea for this design) ;-)
Please also have a look at my other 'blue box' themed designs in the collection which I set up for them!

If you were always wondering how different colors print on the various fabrics that Spoonflower offers, please do have a look at my website where I have quite a few comprehensive photos of color swatches printed on various fabrics!

If you like my designs, please like my page on Facebook!

Doctor, who knit this almost four yards long scarf? - Long version

by: bonnie_phantasm

A knit-look print design which can be used to make a really long scarf
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6.00in x 70.50in, 275 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll

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