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class timetable entries fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 8.0 x 8.0 inches

Classes at an imaginary school or college.
While a few people in the real world have names which are an amusing match for their jobs, many of the faculty at this imaginary educational institution shouldn't be in teaching at all. The current timetable includes 72 entries across the curriculum at both school and college level. There's a joke (of sorts) in every name and often some hidden relevance in the place where the class is held too. The subject areas not only have different colours to distinguish them but also a variety of background designs - again matching some aspect of the course.

For a more readable look than the blurred main image in FQ size provides, try swatch view or Spoonflower's less squashed version here (from the embed link). Or go offsite for a text-only version.

The background patterns include (variations on): map symbols, assorted religious symbols, alphabets (English / western, Roman and Greek), layered dollar signs, musical notes on a stave, drama faces, geometric stars (on octagon and square grid), layered hilbert fractals, sports courts, art paint-brushes, bevelled square tiles,a tartan, layers of interlocking gears, diagrammatic atoms, methane molecules and double-helix dna strands.
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by: sef

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