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Ica Stone - Peruvian Dinosaurs fabric by wren_leyland on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Most of these "gliptoliths" depict man with dinosaur -- long before dinosaur bones were categorized.

This hand-drawn digital painting commemorates the Ica stones. The design is based on a few rock-curved drawings for reference, but the human was removed from the dinosaurs' mouth for your comfort. Instead the man is begging for protection from the comet (yes a comet!), hiding under a giant fern. The spots and stripes stayed true to each animal.

You might notice the cross-hatched shorts and sock lines on him -- these ideas came from the original drawings, where similar cross-hatching was used for scales of fish and reptiles. So, did early man wear alligator shorts?

Ica Stone - Peruvian Dinosaurs

by: wren_leyland

Tens of thousands of hand-carved stones were found near Ica, Peru. Most of these "gliptoliths" depict man with dinosaur.
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