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12 olympians : terracotta fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

There are 12 gods and goddesses traditionally regarded as the olympians - for their alleged habit of hanging around Mount Olympus.
There are 12 Greek gods and goddesses traditionally regarded as the olympians - for their alleged habit of hanging around Mount Olympus. These gods were not actually invited to take part at the ancient olympics themselves; and would undoubtedly have cheated outrageously if they had turned up. However, some of them have aspects which do fit well with various olympic sports that have existed over the centuries.

• Aphrodite (Venus) may be best known for her role in romantic entanglements. But, having been ocean-born like a pearl from a sea-shell, she's also supposed to be the protector of sailors. So I'd expect her to excel at sailing - by charming the winds and waves and creatures of the deep, if nothing else. She might also be rather good at gymnastic posing.

• Apollo (same Roman name) drove the sun chariot across the sky. Modern horse and carriage races are a little different but, since in other cultures the sun is associated more directly with horses, I'd expect him to excel in all (land and sky based) equestrian events.

• Ares (Mars) was the god of war and gives his (Roman) name to martial arts. Consequently, he really ought to be the best at all unarmed combat.

• Artemis (Diana) was regarded as a huntress because of the bow-like shape of the crescent moon. Her specialist sport is likely to be archery.

• Athena (Minerva) was the goddess of wisdom, crafts and intelligent fighting. In updated terms, she'd probably have the role of Q to James Bond. Fencing seems the closest relevant sport for her; but if rocketry ever got included ...

• Demeter (Ceres) was the goddess of agriculture and harvest - hence cereal crops. I see her as a champion at cycling the seasons.

• Dionysus (Pan) was a serious party animal. He has to be in charge of all the victory celebrations and drinking libations from trophy cups.

• Hephaestus (Vulcan) was the blacksmith of the gods and really ought to be adept at throwing the hammer (despite the modern "hammer" no longer looking like a hammer). He'd probably be good at putting the shot too.

• Hera (Juno) was the imperious goddess of marriage who didn't generally take things lying down. She is typically portrayed with an impressive diadem and I don't see why she shouldn't also be partial to chucking that at people to end the discus-sion.

• Hermes (Mercury), the speedy messenger of the gods, would be a shoesandal-in to win every single running race.

• Poseidon (Neptune) was the sea-god and would have to be the best at swimming and diving events.

• Zeus (Jupiter) would have to be presiding as master of ceremonies and chief judge. However, given that he had a tendency to fling around lightning bolts, the obvious sport for him to win would be javelin.
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Disclaimer: due to extreme shortage of time, this design does include a standard purchased font instead of an entirely new creation of my own.

by: sef

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