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Feminine Frankl by Su_G fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 42.0 x 36.0 inches

Feminine Frankl, inspired by Paul T Frankl's man's cabinet, this one in coral, black and silver. Oil on canvas. © Su Schaefer 2012
Feminine Frankl, a design inspired by Paul T Frankl's man's cabinet, c. 1938. In coral and black, with metallic silver and half metallic coral half moons. Frankl's original had silver- and gold-plated metal half-moons, set in burnt orange and black doors. This is my idea of what a 'feminine' version might look like.
© Su Schaefer 2012

Companion designs are 'Masculine Frankl' and 'Flecked Frankl'. Please comment below if you need calibration for a specific use (e.g. centering to a fabric width).

See my other Art Deco designs.

Oil incl. metallic oil on canvas, after Paul T Frankl, half-brick repeat.
[Fabric: currently set for 42 inch fabrics - 173 ppi - very close to scale of Wallpaper: 175; Decal: 207, Gift wrap: 554 ppi]

by: su_g

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12.00in x 12.00in, 175 pixels/inch,
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