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The Living Brain fabric by glanoramay on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Okay, so this is an altered art/mixed media design that I made up during one of my more 'out there' arty sessions, all upcycled images are post copyright, vintage emphemera, most have been altered and re-coloured in some way too. I call it The Living Brain as I like to think that the bugs are performing the jobs of synapses and what not, then passing ideas and knowledge from one brain to another and another and on...grassy bits for a bit of age and wisdom...this is what I like to think anyway, could just be a creepy surreal piece of nonsense ;-) Quick note about size, I know that it doesn't fit the FQ contest preview so well and that's not great really, but this is the best size I can make it as any smaller and all the little bugs would be squished beyond recognition, it does look fab in yardage and the swatch will hold a single brain perfectly too :)

The Living Brain

by: glanoramay

Weird science, creepy bugs and busy bees :)
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24.00in x 12.00in, 200 pixels/inch,
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