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Waratah tablecloth 2: 36" square with a bonus runner fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 42.0 x 36.0 inches

Waratah tablecloth 2: 36 inches square, central motif 17 inches square. Includes bonus runner (5"x36"). BEST in 42" wide fabrics. © Su Schaefer 2012
Waratah tablecloth 2, with the central motif fitting a 17 inch square table top (tablecloth totals 36 inches square), plus bonus runner (5" x 36"). BEST IN 42" WIDE FABRICS. The swatch view gives a better idea of the detail. © Su Schaefer 2012

For the tablecloth, a half inch hem has been allowed, which gives 3/4 of an inch white space from the bottom of the hem to the corner motifs.

A different version of the tablecloth is 'Waratah tablecloth 1: 36 inches square, with bonus runner'.

See my other waratah designs.

Designed for 42" wide fabric, currently set for poplin as it proofed beautifully on this fabric with colors rich and true, basic repeat, 150 ppi. Surprisingly, it looks quite sweet as wallpaper (at a very small scale, 1050 ppi).

by: su_g

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6.00in x 5.14in, 1050 pixels/inch,
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