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Exquisite Uterus Project fabric by helenklebesadel on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 27.0 x 18.0 inches

The Exquisite Uterus: The Art of Resistance You are invited to decorate your uterus to claim it for your own!. This was the bases of a successful feminist art project that is now touring.
You can see what people did for the project here: The deadline to participate in this project is past. All proceed to the artist from the sale of this fabric will be donated to organizations working for women's reproductive justice. (Please let me know what you do with it). The project originated In reaction to the what is being called the most current ‘War on Women,’ by two artists, known notorious Feminists, and sometime curators Helen Klebesadel and Alison Gates. They facilitated a collaborative art exhibition that has been displayed throughout Wisconsin and at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago (for the 40th anniversary of Row Vs, Wade). The EUP continues to travel and there are plans to create a catalog of the project as a fundraiser for organizations working on reproductive health.. Interested artists and other motivated participants are asked to embellish a plain cloth uterus "blank" (a square of organic white cotton canvas fabric with a simple black and gray medical illustration of a female reproductive system printed permanently on its surface.) The variety of responses so far has been awesome. Participants are invited to manipulate the blank uterus in any way their fertile imaginations desire, making their prodigious powers of self-expression and creativity obvious to all. Alison and Helen only ask that participant not take their uterus for granted. Again a preview of the exhibition can be found on Pinterest here: We are currently working on a catalog of the resulting exhibition to raise funds for reproductive health organizations. Send us a digital photo of your exquisite uterus for inclusion in the on-line pinterest exhibition..
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