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pair of pillow-cases fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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2 contrasting but related designs set up to print on 1 yard of sateen to be cut in half (across the page!) and made into a pair of pillow-cases. Currently displaying stars on the semi-regular octagon and square grid in sunshine gold.

In the UK, a typical pillow is about 16" wide (down the bed) by at least 24" long (across the bed) and at least a couple of inches thick (compressed by one's head). To fit over this comfortably, a pillow-case needs to be about 18" wide and up to 27" long (unless you know you have a smaller pillow). The only suitable Spoonflower fabric, for an easy make of this size and application, is the sateen. But then you do get 2 pillow-cases onto the yard.

See (off-site) layout diagram and examples of finished pillows with spiders and ants.


• Choose a design or two compatible designs which you can place onto one file for uploading. If they have the same dpi and repeat size, you will only need to create a narrow strip image to repeat across the width (with 2 lots of 18 inches down the yard).

• The printed fabric will need to be cut very carefully down the centre across the width, including the selvedge, to create the two long strips which will each fold up into a pillow-case. You will need to trim some of the excess unprinted fabric at the top and bottom of the printed area but can keep enough for a seam (to avoid losing any of the printed area on that side). The centre cut will be your other seam on each pillow-case.

• You can use the selvedge to add to the turned over pocket size and to avoid hemming the edges at the open end. If your designs are bidirectional, you'll be able to select the widest selvedge for the pocket which will hold the pillow inside the case.

• Prepare the fabric by carefully measuring and then ironing the folds and pinning (or even tacking) in place. Note that the printed area may be a little smaller than advertised after shrinkage in the wash, so the following measurements are in nominal inches only. It helps if your repeated design has clear inch marks built into it!

• For a 27" pillow-case out of 56" sateen, the first fold from one end will be along the edge of the printed area (ie consisting of just the selvedge) and from the other end will be 2" in from the edge of the printed area - to give a pocket of 2" + selvedge width. The mid fold for the closed end of the pillow-case will be midway between these, ie 27" from each.

• The closed sides can be joined with french seams (a seam enclosed within a seam) - by folding up the fabric the right way out first and only inverting it for the second pass over the seam.
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pair of pillow-cases

by sef
2 contrasting but related designs set up to print on 1 yard of sateen to be cut in half (across the page!) and made into a pair of pillow-cases.
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