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A collage of mix tapes, in bright '80s colors!

The 'Outdated Technology' design contest was a tough one for me because I still use a lot of it: a rotary princess phone, record players, a boom box, Atari 2600...I just can't let go! It may be 2012 on the calendar, but in my head and heart it is perpetually 1979. ;-)

I started making mix tapes on an old GE tape recorder when I was 9, taping songs off the radio. So here is a collection, in blazing '80s colors. I removed the titles, thinking people could write their own with a Sharpie if they so desired (the large cyan and lime-green cassettes are larger than actual size). I wanted something that could be used on pillows, sheets, books, storage boxes...cool for a college dorm room or a hip studio or loft! But also great for tote bags, and more!

Also available in small-scale and medium-scale versions.

Mix Tapes (80s)

© 2012 penny candy / Amy Peppler Adams
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