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cosmic bird plushies 4 in 1 yard fabric by scrummy on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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1/2" seam allowances included throughout. Right sides together, sew feet and tail and wing pair pieces leaving tops open. Carefuly snip corners. Turn right side out and lightly stuff with poly fibre wadding. Sew beak into a cone and tack a 1/2" hem to give a neat edge. Attach the wings so that the top edge is level with beak centre. Add the feet and tail pieces onto the bottom of the back body. The wings, feet and tail should face into the centre of the body. Pin top body down onto back body. Leaving a 2 1/2" gap at the top for stuffing, sew all the way around and overlock. Turn right side out, poke corners true, stuff and hand sew across the top. Finally place and pin the beak cone. Hand sew 3/4 the way around, stuff the beak and sew closed. Poplin recommended. all birds available as single FQ kits too

cosmic bird plushies 4 in 1 yard

By: scrummy
space bird cut and sew kit x 4
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