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C. Wren Leyland
Upstate New York US

Thanks to all of you who used my fabric, or sent compliments! All designs are original unless specified; all rights reserved. You may sell crafts made with my spoon-printed fabric, or purchase licensing rights. Send pictures!



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geometric, stripes, abstract, vintage, ireland, batik, ikat, holiday, dots, nature, black white, cheater quilt, ornate, whimsical, tangerine, sampler, fat quarter, squid, gradient, turquoise, cephalopod, teal, hexagon, op art, nautical, navy, black, minimal, modern, magenta, animals, sea creatures, orchid, lilac, sew, taupe, irish, and, cut, scotland, green, black and white, travel, dragonfly, beige, contemporary, costume, floral, button, sea creature, games, white, tentacles, yellow, beach, large scale repeats, evergreen, block print, emerald, circles, fabric, christmas, art nouveau, tiki, art deco, red, orange, blue, william morris, india, tablecloth, periwinkle, brocade, purple, leaf, hawaii, gold, avocado, linen, gray, sushi, lavender, banner, photographic, charcoal, chevron, flowers, woodland, tribal, diamonds, cut and sew, brown, xmas, weave, grape, triangles, large scale, olive, thanksgiving, birds, halloween, ocean, coral, moon, grey, mid century modern, mod, sea, cherry, lace, game, polka dots, birthday, argyle, children, summer, polka, checkerboard, jack o lantern, leaves, camouflage, garden, lemon, painting, zig zag, triangle, stained glass, silver, scales, crochet, craft, mauve, chartreuse, sea life, fine art, plum, b&w, corn, painterly, geology, threads, architectural, sage, woodcut, fabric8, science, medieval, watercolor, valentine, african, plaid, pillow, dinosaur, love, window, snowflakes, aqua, squares, gears, diamond, flag, starfish, swirl, ribbon, snowflake, ditsy, patchwork, pumpkin, crown, shapes, watermelon, napkins, valentine s day, embroidery pattern, 1980s, berry, tapestry, tomato, independence, christmas tree, feminine, woven, polynesian, woodland creatures, wheat, home decor, multicolor, large scale repeat, midnight, optical illusion,
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