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Designs by wren_leyland



C. Wren L.
Upstate New York US

Thanks to all of you who gave feedback, and ordered my fabric. My designs are original unless specified; all rights reserved. Yes, you may sell crafts made with my spoon-printed fabric. Send pictures!



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Peony Ornate Squared
Peony Ornate Squared
peony-coral-fibers mirrored
peony-coral-fibers mirrored
Peony Series Rosettes
Peony Series Rosettes
Butternut - Peony Series. Small complement
Butternut - Peony Series. ...
Peony Coordinates in Mushroom, Coral and Green
Peony Coordinates in Mushr...
Peony Series Chain Mail Leaves
Peony Series Chain Mail Le...
Coral Peony with linen background and horiz ribbon
Coral Peony with linen bac...
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