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Melanie Cook
Brisbane Queensland Australia

Many of my designs are on etsy, zazzle etc- for links :) ++++++ If you're interested in licensing any of my designs for tattoos, linen, etc, please contact me. Also if you would like to see a design as giftwrap or wallpaper.


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abstract, geometric, stripes, green, dots, white, blue, hand drawn, orange, brown, red, yellow, nature, doodle, pink, purple, tan, aqua, grey, circles, typography, leaves, earth, australian, watercolour, mauve, black, cream, animals, daisy, flowers, text, bright, font, paisley, water, batik, trees, teal, squares, zentangle, fruit, drawing, gold, watercolor, turquoise, leaf, sketch, seeds, food, words, pomegranate, star, spirals, rain, charcoal, large scale repeats, letters, henna, flourish, tree, rainbow, lemon, zigzag, splash, alphabet, sewing, floral, sea, bugs, vintage, citrus, whimsical, blocks, hearts, toy, holiday, lime, peas, ocean, pattern, spots, sunshine, underwater, checks, hand painted, christmas, chevron, cheater quilt, doctor, snake, ditsy, wheels, ink, kangaroo, zen, black and white, art deco, handdrawn, bird, lego, bubbles, summer, embroidery, seaweed, astrology, numbers, shadow, ancient, pebbles, calendar, damask, stars, forest, quilt, matisse, australia, polka dots, olympics, sky, triangles, chevrons, olive, picnic, greek, mustard, shapes, colour, thread, gardens, hills, labyrinth, birds, butterfly, coffee, tea towel, rococo, plaid, plushie, jellyfish, painting, color, spring, winter, who, time, fern, landscape, beige, birdies, tartan, simple, painted, sea creature, plum, monochrome, regency, rings, fabric, monarch, fork, applique, gallifreyan, dog, fish, beach, tropical, chinese, cut and sew, sun, panel, knitting, evergreen, ballet, lavender, by hand, sports, autumn, egg, patchwork, yarn, marine, farming, sand, diagonal, elements, patterns, pen, ribbons, clockwork, cat, science, feathers, desert, kids, shoes, arrows, city, garden, butterflies, cute, bag, collage, school, paper, cut & sew, shark, tessellation, moon, lines, zodiac, hawaiian, chocolate, diamond, chickens, check, beagle, label, dance, spiral, balloons, taupe, creatures, midsummer, urban, blood, whimsy, silver, water color, new year, animal print, cancer, gradient, elephant, retro, map, valentine, coral, palette limited, space, vampire, cheater, fairy, poppy, fishing, mustache, cherry, girl, travel, lace, napkin, candy, insects, love, camping, border print, waves, pointillism, gray, frogs, cocktail, ladybug, birthday, sea creatures, kitty, ornament, candles, farm, windows, mint, kitten, houndstooth, kit, blossom, gears, puppy, fall, indigo, quilts, geode and gemstone, small, palette restricted, swirl, hat, starfish, architecture, cloud, eggs, one yard, terrarium, pencil case, poppies, pastel, plus, doodles, hand, kuler, calendars, bug, jester, hiking, daisies, back to school, scissors, swan, grass, cross, woodgrain, handbag, moustache, island, family, hair, buildings, photographic, quilting, anemone, mathematics, flame, lemons, mittens, crystal, line drawing, gem, tentacles, weather, highways, tags, fun, independence, sugar, mountains, beard, ladybird, blueberry, folk tale, kisses, 12 days of christmas, seed, tablecloth, sampler, soft, lake, skyline, kiss, caravan,
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