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Designs by weavingmajor



upper peninsula michigan MI USA

I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with my hubby and four kids, surrounded by trees! ----------------------------------- YES! feel free to sell items made with my designs!


  • chemistry designs

copper sulfate
copper sulfate
bromothymol pH squares - greens (pH 6.4-7.2)
bromothymol pH squares - g...
silver screen
silver screen
games with Elements - diagonal repeat
games with Elements - diag...
Games with Elements - tiled tiles
Games with Elements - tile...
Games with Elements
Games with Elements
Vitamin C - gold colorway
Vitamin C - gold colorway
games with Elements - ditsy print
games with Elements - dits...
copper sulfate in black and white
copper sulfate in black an...
anthocyanin pH squares - pink (pH 1-4)
anthocyanin pH squares - p...
vitamin C plaid
vitamin C plaid
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