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Magi Hernandez
Missouri City TX USA

A free lance artist, designer, instructor. Currently in graduate school, (again), getting a degree in religious art - specifically Coptic Iconography. Designing on Spoonflower as a means to clear my head while researching and writing my thesis



  • lavender designs

Flaming High Ball - Mod mellow times with Franky (sangria)
Flaming High Ball - Mod me...
Lavender Shadows
Lavender Shadows
Juicy Lemony Spring Day Stripes
Juicy Lemony Spring Day St...
Lemon Blossem on lavender
Lemon Blossem on lavender
Diamonds of Lemon Blossoms
Diamonds of Lemon Blossoms
Citrus Blossoms and Cool Fruit Slices - lavender
Citrus Blossoms and Cool F...
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