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©VO 2011 - All designs copyrighted. Please contact me if you like to license a design. If you'd like something as gift wrap please contact me. Thanks for viewing my shop! Twitter: veeves_o. Oh, and don't forget to follow me! On Facebook please find me


  • spring designs

Hi, ho, a merry-o: a bunting we will go (check full yard view for extras)
Hi, ho, a merry-o: a bunti...
Bountiful Frogs
Bountiful Frogs
Springtime for Groundhogs (or I've had my Phil of winter)
Springtime for Groundhogs ...
hedgie with flowers stems ...
A gnome without his gardening tools isn't home without his shovel, pitchfork, hoe, spade, rake, shears, trowel, watering can, basket, bees,and birds to sow the seeds
A gnome without his garden...
Jetson eggs!
Jetson eggs!
I can't wait for spring
I can't wait for spring
daffodil posies
daffodil posies
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