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Designs by victorialasher



Victoria Lasher
Newark DE USA

My designs are all my original art work, and copyrighted. Please contact me if you are interested in licensing a design.


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whimsical, nature, stripes, dots, vintage, animals, blue, yellow, geometric, abstract, green, large scale repeats, red, holiday, party, flowers, fifties, candy, valentine, cocktail, mid century, hand drawn, dress, lace, love, chocolate, gold, children, tessellation, 1950, sunshine, toile, heart, photographic, doll, butterfly, rabbit, rose, bugs, hedgehog, pink, kit, cookies, star, baby, coffee, bunny, fruit, easter, leaf, cake, check, owl, cheater quilt, apron, owls, sun, gingham, violet, kiss, leaves, kids, daisy, ladybug, vines, guitar, kitten, hawaiian, pie, spider, bunnies, ants, cream, lollipop, squirrels, miniature, cat, calendar, food, christmas, bicycle, ice cream, orange, border print, dragonfly, dandelion, girls, dot, thistle, caterpillar, veggies, musical instruments, steampunk, kitchen, hearts, tea towel, dragon, travel, napkin, snow, bike, strawberry, turquoise, vegetables, gears, ditsy, bow, tractors, project, doll pattern, wheat, ribbons, birds, tree, medieval, child, music, ocean, toy, boys, clouds, breakfast, tractor, butterflies, cute, aviation, frogs, snowflakes, aqua, spring, summer, mouse, puppy, fall, autumn, plane, white, rings, tea towels, gingerbread, cricket, project selvage, baby boy, boy, horse, stars, art nouveau, sea, wood, pillow, plushie, purple, frog, school, paper, cut & sew, bandana, antique, kitty, ornament, black, fantasy, farm, brown, diamond, winter, large scale, beetle, ribbon, lily, lime, vine, wallpaper, roses, towel, grass, sailboat, 1950s, surrealism, snails, puppies, corn, christmas tree, marbles, science, black and white, halloween, chevron, watercolor, floral, french, skirt, tiki, quilt, cheater, apple, bird, lemon, bag, camping, pattern, gray, fashion, alice in wonderland, crayons, letters, animal, moon, shark, doodle, toile de jouy, tea towel calendar, doors, nutcracker, chinese, windows, typography, cartoon, penguin, 2011 calendar, airplane, snail, sky, valentines, berries, sharks, crayon, palette restricted, fern, embroidery, boat, night, sports, buttons, snowflake, magic, egg, one yard, sweets, 2011, zigzag, crown, calendars, bug, clothing, cocktail napkins, creatures, teeth, scanned, napkins, tangerine, cross, dessert, impressionist, dove, clothes, tomato, hedgehogs, vehicle, emerald, flying, cardinal, magician, seed, soccer, bottle, sleep,
  • hearts designs

Cheery Cherry pie ditsy - green
Cheery Cherry pie ditsy - ...
sewing notions - thread drawer
sewing notions - thread dr...
black lace flower on cream - mini scale
black lace flower on cream...
cream lace flower on mocha - mini
cream lace flower on mocha...
tiki brothers - minor gods of entertainment - pale blue
tiki brothers - minor gods...
cats and the owl
cats and the owl
Surfing with sharks? NO!
Surfing with sharks? NO!
a cheery, cherry, bag
a cheery, cherry, bag
bicycle shadow stripe - gingerbread cookie
bicycle shadow stripe - gi...
Beautiful bicycle parts - gingerbread cookie
Beautiful bicycle parts - ...
bicycle shadow stripe -"hot chocolate"
bicycle shadow stripe -"ho...
Beautiful bicycle parts - "hot chocolate"- FQ size repeat
Beautiful bicycle parts - ...
Many good wishes - Chinese cut paper
Many good wishes - Chinese...
spring floral cheater quil...
Dragon dot 3
Dragon dot 3
Dragon dragonfly 4
Dragon dragonfly 4
red flowers on blue gingham
strummin along cream
strummin along olive green
strummin along white on d...
strummin along white on red
citrus slices - on green
citrus slices - on green
citrus slice buffet on black
Celebrate! - diagonal
Celebrate! - diagonal
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