Designs by victorialasher



Victoria Lasher
Newark DE USA

My designs are all my original art work, or based on my photographs. I currently have 3 shops. One at Society6 (1st link), and one at Zazzle (2nd link), and a smaller one at: http://www.cafepress.com/ mercypercydesigns




Shop Tags

whimsical, nature, stripes, dots, vintage, animals, blue, yellow, geometric, abstract, green, large scale repeats, red, holiday, flowers, party, fifties, candy, valentine, cocktail, mid century, dress, love, hand drawn, chocolate, gold, children, lace, sunshine, toile, tessellation, heart, photographic, doll, butterfly, rabbit, bugs, hedgehog, pink, kit, 1950, cookies, star, baby, coffee, rose, bunny, fruit, easter, leaf, cake, check, owl, cheater quilt, apron, owls, sun, gingham, leaves, kids, daisy, ladybug, vines, guitar, hawaiian, kitten, violet, spider, bunnies, cream, ants, lollipop, squirrels, cat, christmas, bicycle, ice cream, orange, border print, dragonfly, dandelion, girls, pie, dot, thistle, caterpillar, veggies, musical instruments, steampunk, calendar, food, kitchen, hearts, tea towel, dragon, travel, napkin, snow, bike, strawberry, turquoise, vegetables, gears, bow, tractors, project, doll pattern, ribbons, wheat, miniature, birds, tree, medieval, child, music, toy, boys, clouds, breakfast, tractor, butterflies, cute, aviation, frogs, snowflakes, aqua, spring, summer, puppy, mouse, fall, autumn, plane, ditsy, white, rings, tea towels, gingerbread, cricket, project selvage, baby boy, boy, ocean, horse, stars, art nouveau, sea, wood, pillow, plushie, purple, frog, school, paper, cut & sew, bandana, antique, lily, black, fantasy, kitty, farm, brown, diamond, large scale, winter, ribbon, lime, vine, wallpaper, towel, grass, sailboat, 1950s, surrealism, snails, puppies, corn, christmas tree, marbles, restricted palette, science, halloween, chevron, watercolor, french, skirt, quilt, cheater, apple, bird, lemon, camping, bag, pattern, gray, fashion, alice in wonderland, crayons, letters, animal, moon, shark, doodle, doors, tea towel calendar, chinese, windows, typography, cartoon, 2011 calendar, snail, sky, airplane, valentines, ornament, penguin, berries, sharks, palette restricted, fern, embroidery, boat, night, buttons, egg, magic, one yard, snowflake, 2011, zigzag, sweets, crown, calendars, clothing, cocktail napkins, creatures, roses, teeth, napkins, scanned, toile de jouy, tangerine, cross, beetle, impressionist, dove, clothes, tomato, seed, cardinal, vehicle, soccer, magician, sleep, flying, bottle, hedgehogs, emerald, cookie,
Baby Penguin Polka
Baby Penguin Polka
Beautiful Bicycle parts - chestnut brown
Beautiful Bicycle parts - ...
Penguins Go With the Floe (please "Zoom" for a clearer image)
Penguins Go With the Floe ...
frogs and tadpoles and frog eggs, oh my! - unisex
frogs and tadpoles and fro...
Daisy and susan dancing in...
red boats at morning - sailors swarming
red boats at morning - sai...
pink hearts on cream
pink hearts on cream
scattered longstem roses
we're all mad here - 2014 calendar
we're all mad here - 2014 ...
mod lemons and limes
mod lemons and limes
Wombat wisdom - faux patchwork
Wombat wisdom - faux patch...
Dark chocolate hearts on cream
Dark chocolate hearts on c...
owl and pussycat 8 bit tessellation check
owl and pussycat 8 bit tes...
Flights of fancy - limited palette contest
Flights of fancy - limited...
vll little leaves
farmer's market produce - black
farmer's market produce - ...
farmer's market produce "tile"
farmer's market produce "t...
Kiss on cream
Kiss on cream
vll_stylized_winter_scene_1 use zoom
vll stylized winter scene ...
strummin along - white on dark red
strummin along - white on ...
citrus slices - on green
citrus slices - on green
Dolly's first day of school supplies
Dolly's first day of schoo...
Covered in kisses - cream
Covered in kisses - cream
SWAK - ink on cream 2
SWAK - ink on cream 2