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Designs by victorialasher



Victoria Lasher
Newark DE USA

My designs are all my original art work, and copyrighted. Please contact me if you are interested in licensing a design.


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whimsical, nature, stripes, dots, vintage, animals, blue, yellow, geometric, abstract, green, large scale repeats, red, holiday, flowers, valentine, party, fifties, candy, cocktail, hand drawn, mid century, love, dress, lace, chocolate, gold, math, children, mathematics, heart, toile, tessellation, 1950, sunshine, photographic, doll, butterfly, rabbit, hearts, rose, bugs, easter, hedgehog, pink, kit, cookies, star, steampunk, baby, bicycle, coffee, bunny, fruit, leaf, cake, check, owl, cheater quilt, apron, owls, sun, gingham, violet, kiss, leaves, kids, daisy, border print, ladybug, vines, guitar, hawaiian, kitten, pie, spider, bunnies, ants, cream, lollipop, squirrels, miniature, cat, calendar, food, christmas, ice cream, orange, dragonfly, dandelion, girls, dot, thistle, caterpillar, veggies, musical instruments, birds, kitchen, tea towel, dragon, travel, napkin, snow, bike, strawberry, turquoise, vegetables, gears, ditsy, bow, tractors, project, doll pattern, wheat, ribbons, tree, medieval, child, music, ocean, toy, boys, clouds, breakfast, tractor, plushie, butterflies, cute, aviation, frogs, fantasy, snowflakes, aqua, spring, mouse, puppy, fall, ribbon, autumn, plane, white, rings, tea towels, gingerbread, cricket, project selvage, science, black and white, baby boy, boy, horse, stars, art nouveau, sea, wood, pillow, purple, bird, frog, pattern, school, paper, cut & sew, bandana, kitty, antique, ornament, black, farm, brown, summer, diamond, large scale, winter, embroidery, beetle, lily, lime, vine, wallpaper, roses, towel, grass, 1950s, sailboat, surrealism, snails, puppies, steampunk valentine, corn, christmas tree, marbles, mice, geranium, celtic knot, restricted palette, halloween, chevron, watercolor, floral, french, skirt, tiki, cheater, quilt, apple, navy, hedgehogs, lemon, camping, bag, alice in wonderland, fashion, gray, crayons, letters, animal, shark, moon, doodle, tea towel calendar, doors, penguin, chinese, windows, mint, typography, cartoon, 2011 calendar, airplane, snail, sky, valentines, berries, sharks, crayon, fern, palette restricted, boat, night, buttons, sports, magic, egg, one yard, snowflake, sweets, toile de jouy, 2011, zigzag, crown, nutcracker, calendars, bug, clothing, teeth, cocktail napkins, creatures, irish, napkins, scanned, cross, tangerine, dessert, impressionist, dove, clothes, tomato, vehicle, emerald, magician, cardinal, flying, seed, soccer, bottle, sleep,
  • autumn designs

First frost on Japanese maple - smaller, repeating leaves
Falling leaves border print
First frost on the Japanese Maple - pillow top, back with your choice of coordinating fabric
First frost on Japanese maple - coordinating stripe
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