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Jo Burgess
Stourbridge West Midlands UK

I have recently rebranded myself as Patternorium, I have kept my name as Uzumakijo on here as have many followers, but can be found elsewhere online as Patternorium. If you would like any of my designs in a different size or repeat just drop me a message!


Uzumakijo Follows

Atomic Brick
Atomic Brick
Green Zom...
Green Zombie Brain Reign
Zombie Br...
Zombie Brain Reign

Victorian Penguins
geek cool...
geek cool cat
water pro...
water protractor snakes

Classic M...
Classic Monsters in Crayon
Lucha Lib...
Lucha Libre Masks
Pumpkin P...
Pumpkin People Pillows

Marbled E...
Marbled Efffects
Oil bubbles
Oil bubbles
Candle Light
Candle Light

Dogs Hat ...
Dogs Hat Party
Leaves 01
Desert Rose
Desert Rose

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