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Announcing Cotton Spandex Jersey!


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Lauren Kelly Small
Mid North Coast NSW Australia

If you'd love one of my designs to be a bit smaller or larger, or need a different colorway, please ask me! I'd love to see what you make of these fabrics! #thistleandfox on instagram


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woodland, bird, floral, botanical, mint, vintage inspired, geometric, nursery, peach, pink, deer, fawn, meadow, horse, forest, purple, flying, arrow, equestrian, nature, spring, mushroom, bright, fern, australian, vine, bunny, watercolor, blue, indigo, oriental, island, pansy, rabbit, alice in wonderland, neon, geo, unicorn, green, pop, pony, tribal, toadstool, owl, honeycomb, bee, summer, fall, lavender, autumn, bohemian, moth, rustic, baby, mermaid, fantasy, confetti, mosaic, western, butterfly, hand drawn, seafoam, pastel, chevron, rose, easter, stained glass, geisha, aqua, scales, tree, black and white, feathers, linen, sky, polka dot, insect, narwhal, sparrow, golden, foliage, retro, orange, teal, jungle, feather, honey, thistle, fox, peace, party, colorful, cream, regency, birds, navy, gnome, squirrel, tropical, chicken, flag, wonderland, magic, natural, texture, neutral, dove, multicolor, clouds, poppy, branches, vintage, heart, egg, chick, field, folk art, fish, stripes, coral, whale, butterflies, turquoise, fairy tale, goldfish, pineapple, bees, plant, 1950s, painted, bambi, flight, polar bear, stars, toy, desert, silhouette, trees, peony, lilac, constellation, mythical creature, mini, white, doll, monster, dots, wood, snow, garden, vines, antique, wedding, patchwork, roses, star, ink, bumble, blanket, rope, fur, kawaii, christmas, leaves, yellow, modern, red, water, children, koi, scandinavian, tiny, bold, shamrock, teddy bear, denim, hare, dala horse, animals, cute, cut and sew, tile, dandelion, holiday, pinup, ditsy, lime, ice, wings, clover, romantic, preppy, monochrome, cushion, classic, fan, rapunzel, bouquet, magenta, hunting, periwinkle, mythical, medieval, circus, beach, space, rainbow, girl, love, bear, lemon, leaf, fashion, blossoms, drawing, blossom, winter, whimsical, cowboy, night, cactus, play, hexagon, british, stag, craft, wildflowers, dark, hair, valentines day, diagonal, sprinkles, pegasus, reindeer, tea party, baby boy, boy, sewing, fairy, diamonds, grey, birthday, animal, japan, plants, abstract, spots, embroidery, face, wolf, tartan, fairytale, friends, blue and white, silver, fresh, delft, elf, wizard, frame, astronomy, wheat, exotic, toadstools, sage, flora, scotland,
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