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Designs by teja_jamilla



Teja Jamilla Williams
London UK

I'm a freelance textile designer from South Wales working in London, I hope to share the designs I make just for fun on Spoonflower. I also design and screen-print my own range of leg-wear, check it out on my Etsy!


  • squid designs

Black Pirate Border Skirt
Black Pirate Border Skirt
Foam Blue Pirate Border Skirt with Waistband
Foam Blue Pirate Border Sk...
Ditsy Pirates Blue
Ditsy Pirates Blue
Ditsy Pirates Pale Blue
Ditsy Pirates Pale Blue
Marine Blue Pirate Border Skirt - Quilting weight
Marine Blue Pirate Border ...
Ditsy Pirates White
Ditsy Pirates White
Squid-Ink by Teja Jamilla
White Pirate Border Skirt - Quilting Weight
White Pirate Border Skirt ...
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