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Teja Jamilla Williams
London UK

I'm a freelance textile designer from South Wales working in London, I hope to share the designs I make just for fun on Spoonflower. I also design and screen-print my own range of leg-wear, check it out on my Etsy!


Teja_jamilla's Followers

Snails se...
Snails see the benefits
Santa Owls
Santa Owls
Gingerbread Houses

Dill bati...
Dill batik (aqua)
Herbal Ba...
Herbal Batik #1 aqua
Herbal ba...
Herbal batik #2 light aqua

gray oran...
gray orange plaid
linden gr...
linden green plaid
fall leaves
fall leaves

Venture B...
Venture Bros Damask

Scarab gyptien
Rhino Wax
Rhino Wax
Vintage C...
Vintage Coke pattern

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