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Barbara Himes Marinakis
Melbourne Victoria Australia

I love acting, ballroom dancing, designing jewelry, fabric, and clothes,and I'm the author of "A Turn for DeWurst" at Amazon. Pen name: Sydney Kendall.


  • kids designs

Boy-O-Boy-O-Boy! (Baby Boy Contest)
Boy-O-Boy-O-Boy! (Baby Boy...
ZZ Kids Cheater Quilt: Faces
ZZ Kids Cheater Quilt: Faces
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Medium
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Medium
HappyFaces_ 5_small
HappyFaces 5 small
ZZ Kids Cheater Quilt: CheaterRepeater
ZZ Kids Cheater Quilt: Che...
Happy Faces_3_small
Happy Faces 3 small
Happy Faces_ 4_small
Happy Faces 4 small
Stars and Stripes: Spattered Scatter Print Coordinate
Stars and Stripes: Spatter...
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Stripe Coordinate
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Stripe Coo...
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Small
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Small
Happy Faces: Bright and Grungy -Large
Happy Faces: Bright and Gr...
Happy Faces: Caveman Style_small
Happy Faces: Caveman Style...
Happy Faces_5
Happy Faces 5
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Large
Zig-Zaggy Kids: Large
Stars and Stripes: Scatter Print Coordinate
Stars and Stripes: Scatter...
Happy Faces_3
Happy Faces 3
Happy Faces_4
Happy Faces 4
ZZ Kids Cheater Quilt: SwirligigsAndCandies
ZZ Kids Cheater Quilt: Swi...
Happy Faces_6_ Superbrights
Happy Faces 6 Superbrights
Happy Faces_2
Happy Faces 2
Happy Faces#7: Round Squares
Happy Faces#7: Round Squares
HappyFaces: Bright and Grungy_small
HappyFaces: Bright and Gru...
HappyFaces 7 small
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