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Susan Malcik
Chennai India

I am from Austin, TX, but live in Chennai, India. I was a Peace Corps Vol. in The Gambia, West Africa. I have also lived in Cameroon,(Bombay) India, Barbados, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Germany, Afghanistan, Sweden, and France. Enjoy!


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photographic, abstract, geometric, blue, green, yellow, gray, white, black, orange, urban, red, paris, pink, nature, india, purple, brown, architecture, graffiti, chartreuse, large scale repeats, beige, summer, france, city, vintage, teal, flowers, navy, indigo, magenta, rust, afrocentric, violet, peach, animals, mustard, lavender, ikat, grey, whimsical, water, aqua, gold, cream, africa, silver, stripes, photo, words, wood, spring, holiday, women, love, mint, antique, tiles, turquoise, lace, metal, cat, ocean, valentine, heart, beach, dots, cool, mauve, halloween, diamonds, happy, ethnic, scarf, tan, floral, tribal, mosaic, window, texas, rose, french, sky, man, damask, sea, snow, car, deco, building, tangerine, photography, street art, lilac, writing, eiffel tower, cars, asian, fawn, sand, skull, fish, christmas, coral, circles, leaf, painting, windows, eiffel, tree, garden, lemon, letters, graphic, skeleton, large scale, london, pumpkin, natural, sunset, wine, photograph, men, plum, text, mask, night, lime, truck, honey, sign, old, home, african, cats, pillow, trees, tropical, woman, art, zodiac, wedding, grass, big, underwater, church, medieval, stars, modern, bird, house, boats, glass, hat, bamboo, roses, sunshine, bright, buddha, dark, drinks, nude, god, grape, bus, outdoors, periwinkle, birds, kitchen, fruit, mid century, lines, japan, tile, plants, diamond, olive, embroidery, horses, ice, chairs, hippie, star, wheels, science fiction, light, chandelier, religious, orchids, italy, catholic, blush, golden, grapes, poster, people, italian, leaves, clouds, tiki, feathers, bike, dogs, bubbles, shells, tulips, indian, cityscape, chair, cowboy, winter, dance, girls, bones, small, autumn, military, origami, polka, hot air balloon, paint, polka dot, patriotic, country, bark, motorcycle, fresh, crochet, peas, suzani, charcoal, gardens, reading, ornate, vehicles, dog, butterfly, rain, chevron, japanese, hearts, quilt, shoes, matisse, fishing, books, school, sailing, zebra, chocolate, snake, skulls, fall, snakes, sci fi, eggs, landscape, yarn, bikes, teeth, kite, bees, sexy, construction, table, faces, road, neutral, toys, mirror, sunny, buildings, crocodile, dessert, hot, tags, hot pink, vehicle, bathroom, vase, masculine, pond, typing, with, soft, doll, retro, horse, fox, space, pomegranate, plaid, easter, girl, cherry, library, goth, butterflies, camping, fashion, marching band, drawing, sheep, vines, snowflakes, doodle, arrow, vegetables, doors, motorcycles, children, sun, peace, cartoon, jungle, citrus, sushi, mexican, large, quilts, face, palette restricted, tulip, greek, cow, pastel, cactus, poppies, castle, party, hand, vine, mexico, hero, wallpaper, nest, stone, taupe, plant, shell, dot, sepia, furniture, brick, costume, cross, royal, pillows, goats, lanterns, ladies, monet, field, print, line, dancing, celebrity, midcentury, feminine, vegetable, peace sign, tie dye, checkered, van, flags, and, astronomy, bread, fur,
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Sitting Pretty Sailor in the MIdday Sun-larger
Sitting Pretty Sailor in t...
Sitting Pretty Sailor in the MIdday Sun- color restricted
Sitting Pretty Sailor in t...
Reminds me of Sunset on the Beach - small version
Reminds me of Sunset on th...
November Sunset with Eiffel Tower 2
November Sunset with Eiffe...
Tin Roof at Twilight
Tin Roof at Twilight
Reminds me of Sunset on the Beach
Reminds me of Sunset on th...
Sitting Pretty Sailor
Sitting Pretty Sailor
Sitting Pretty Sailor in the MIdday Sun
Sitting Pretty Sailor in t...
Masked Man in Sunshine
Masked Man in Sunshine
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