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Su Schaefer
Sydney, Australia

Where would I be without my husband who thinks up some of my best titles? With a portfolio of boringly titled stuff! Thanks for all visits, faves, comments, purchases! All designs © Su Schaefer


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hand painted, art deco, upholstery, australia, modern, graphic, art nouveau, quirky, gold, animal, diamond, stripes, black and white, metallic, blossom, mosaic, stained glass, bird, dot, pink, home decor, craftsman, asian, star, sca, nautical, marine, circle, turquoise, check, geometric, indigo, chevron, child, watercolor, purple, costume, plaid, house, mint, african inspired, landscape, mid century modern, silver, ocean, holiday, woven, painterly, mod, coral, leaves, polka dot, insect, synergy0006, chinoiserie, stag, cat, fruit, garden, southwest, pop art, fall, autumn, patchwork, solid, fan, glitter, elegant, masculine, butterfly, floral, sailing, moon, chinese, cut and sew, snake, tulip, mustard, lilac, spoonflower0252, spooky, turkish, reptile, medieval, sea, afrocentric, tribal, mask, tile, creepy crawly, zigzag, man, egyptian, spoonflower0293, blue and white, weave, klimt, eye, linen, punk, spring, abstract, triangle, dance, architecture, grunge, neutral, peach, chain, impressionist, dancing, decor, rope, brocade, christmas, music, cheater quilt, dragon, aztec, funky, bat, lavender, night, beige, wild, small scale, chartreuse, kimono, jazz, zen, musical instrument, tree, food, japanese, rose, math, text, orange, silhouette, lemon, teal, fantasy, crayon, synergy0011, ribbon, earth, lily, synergy0012, synergy0003, seaweed, humor, sand, diagonal, black cat, classic, playful, denim, foliage, golden, doll, fish, boy, beach, dots, circles, aviation, doctor, citrus, chocolate, balloon, boat, great barrier reef, egg, bold, ditsy, lamb, plant, photograph, texture, fly, bright, fawn, mbapalette, spoonflower0188, wave, cream, 4in1, shabby chic, quilting, scribble, twilight, hot pink, flying, england, periwinkle, jade, warm, science, retro, deer, valentine, space, navy, easter, water, sheep, fashion, aqua, lion, hand drawn, bedtime, heart, wedding, olive, rhino, tartan, farming, scallop, play, teeth, quilt block, romantic, grass, weather, school snack, petal, flannel, square, tablecloth, sampler, rhinoceros, moorish, seaside, dog, halloween, baby, rainbow, apple, red, cats, leaf, lattice, synergy0001, penguin, synergy0002, blue, summer, large scale, ballet, winter, moroccan, camo, beagle, cloud, ethnic, greens, bloom, men, princess, sunny, underwater, cool, spoonflower0237, mauve, traditional, berry, gem, gemstone, vase, exotic, hound, salmon, sage, op art, optical illusion, rain, coffee, horse, sewing, ikat, yellow, skirt, quilt, fireworks, mustache, pillow, coordinates, books, love, octopus, 90s, boats, paper, sea creatures, trellis, cephalopods, ornament, cookie, sun, kitten, zebra, brown, sky, evergreen, triangles, puppy, firefly, flag, face, picnic, lotus, ghost, spiral, neon, terrarium, surfing, wallpaper, persian, sketch, cookies, watermelon, china, towel, sea creature, 1950s, motorcycle, dolphin, cubist, plum, spaceship, new year, tentacles, monet, inkfish, tan, magenta, portal, feminine, lord of the rings, raspberry, grape, romance, aliens, ghoul, wind, prince, swim,
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