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Su Schaefer

Animals, color and color schemes, pattern, texture, oil paint and other kinds of media, learning from challenges & the Spoonflower community are what I like. Thanks for visiting! All designs © Su Schaefer


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art deco, modern, upholstery, australia, graphic, art nouveau, gold, quirky, diamond, blossom, animal, mosaic, metallic, marine, stained glass, bird, nautical, black and white, asian, circle, home decor, turquoise, check, star, child, dot, watercolor, indigo, holiday, sca, geometric, purple, hand drawn, landscape, chevron, fruit, african inspired, leaves, patchwork, polka dot, stag, fan, plaid, garden, pink, house, snake, mustard, chinoiserie, masculine, painterly, floral, afrocentric, sailing, moon, bat, pop art, lilac, man, solid, costume, spoonflower0252, weave, dancing, japanese, mask, fall, triangle, creepy crawly, zigzag, glitter, silver, eye, woven, chinese, tile, spring, funky, architecture, autumn, peach, blue and white, golden, rope, mod, cheater quilt, ocean, cut and sew, crayon, tulip, lavender, beige, neutral, small scale, impressionist, elegant, jazz, decor, zen, tree, food, christmas, sea, fantasy, orange, teal, boat, night, dance, earth, lily, synergy0011, synergy0003, synergy0012, seaweed, grass, grunge, humor, kimono, hot pink, twilight, foliage, denim, brocade, doll, fish, medieval, boy, beach, navy, easter, lemon, aviation, doctor, punk, citrus, olive, ribbon, great barrier reef, lamb, insect, plant, synergy0006, wild, texture, bright, wave, sand, quilting, spoonflower0188, diagonal, turkish, chartreuse, flying, petal, england, periwinkle, valentine, rainbow, sheep, linen, silhouette, lion, chocolate, ballet, bedtime, heart, wedding, rhino, balloon, bold, mint, farming, egyptian, play, quilt block, romantic, photograph, chain, shabby chic, traditional, scribble, klimt, playful, tablecloth, jade, moorish, butterfly, halloween, baby, retro, deer, rose, apple, text, water, leaf, fashion, lattice, aqua, synergy0001, trellis, penguin, synergy0002, blue, summer, abstract, winter, egg, ditsy, greens, bloom, fawn, cream, 4in1, sunny, spoonflower0237, gem, cubism, weather, classic, vase, rhinoceros, sampler, sage, arctic, cat, science, rain, stripes, coffee, music, horse, sewing, yellow, space, quilt, fireworks, red, mustache, cats, pillow, love, gray, boats, sea creatures, ornament, sun, zebra, sky, evergreen, large scale, cubist, flag, face, firefly, picnic, ghost, spiral, cloud, terrarium, ethnic, surfing, wallpaper, persian, scallop, china, towel, watermelon, mid century modern, princess, motorcycle, spaceship, men, cool, underwater, mauve, berry, black cat, new year, tan, plum, piano, magenta, feminine, picasso, metal, square, portal, grape, gradient, raspberry, exotic, romance, op art, swim, wind, lord of the rings, modernist,
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Hemp leaf pattern pearls on denim gray
Hemp leaf pattern pearls o...
Hemp leaf pattern pearls on denim blue
Hemp leaf pattern pearls o...
Pearls in a hemp leaf pattern on raspberry
Pearls in a hemp leaf patt...
Hemp leaf pattern pearls on greige
Hemp leaf pattern pearls o...
Hemp leaf pattern pearls on mid-gray
Hemp leaf pattern pearls o...
Pearls in a hemp leaf pattern on soft red
Pearls in a hemp leaf patt...
Hemp leaf pattern pearls on denim pink
Hemp leaf pattern pearls o...
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