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Su Schaefer

So happy to be back home - out of hospitals – even though left wrist + right knee barely usable (fell off ladder while moving house). Thanks for all your good wishes for my recovery, much appreciated, as comments + feedback: hope to be healed in 3-4 wks.


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A nod to mod
A nod to mod
Art deco diamond fans, turquoise
Art deco diamond fans, tur...
Art deco diamond fans, puce-pinks
Art deco diamond fans, puc...
Fans, blue and green, irregular
Fans, blue and green, irre...
Olive and blue deco diamond fans
Olive and blue deco diamon...
Serene deco diamond fans
Serene deco diamond fans
Art deco diamond fans, gray-blues
Art deco diamond fans, gra...
Flags and fans
Flags and fans
Tan and blue art deco diamonds
Tan and blue art deco diam...
High drama deco fans
High drama deco fans
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