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Starr Loy
Charleston South Carolina USA

I'm of retirement age, but alas, cannot, and am looking for work. My interests are obsessive, but, hey, as the Doctor has stated: What use is getting old if you can't be a child.


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Doctor Who, BowTie with Fez on my white elephants
Doctor Who, BowTie with Fe...
Doctor Who 11 Fez with Red Bow Tie
Doctor Who 11 Fez with Red...
StarrElephant BowTie with Fez - Brighter Blue & Red
StarrElephant BowTie with ...
Doctor Who 11,BowTie with Fez, Blue StarrElephant on Pink
Doctor Who 11,BowTie with ...
StarrElephant Red BowTie with Fez with sonic screwdriver green-glow
StarrElephant Red BowTie w...
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