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Designs by spellstone



Alex Morgan

Welcome to Spellstone Studio! Store front for freelance British designer Alex Morgan. All designs ©Alex Morgan.


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spellstone, linen, dots, stripes, geometric, leaf, abstract, flowers, whimsical, green, animals, bug, botanical, nature, spots, tulip, floral, cheater quilt, ocean, forest, quilt, tree, sea, spring, quilting, insect, music, star, garden, geek, modern, orange, ladybug, halloween, nursery, animal, plants, summer, rock, computer, baby, game, winter, play, red, fairy, blue, kids, ladybird, butterfly, squares, night, eye, applique, black and white, bicycle, retro, stars, fruit, indigo, blocks, bike, ditsy, fish, space, shoes, ethnic, traditional, city, candy, grey, holiday, egg, urban, bright, pod, water, antique, dot, jack, woodcut, steampunk, christmas, boy, woodland, midsummer, herb, blue and white, sugar, tapa, raspberry, cushion, fun, eyeball, patch, owl, leaves, lace, love, strawberry, bag, pink, graffiti, sweet, evergreen, cowboy, sci fi, dance, spider, stamp, zoo, wellies, project, street, cat, food, coral, bugs, fishing, tribal, bird, children, polka, africa, texture, white, geology, robot, kitchen, valentine, cheater, extinct, vintage, gothic, goth, snake, earth, moustache, metal, sleep, skull, science, rose, yellow, beach, book, easter, whale, snow, diamonds, deco, midsummer nights dream, black, eyes, zodiac, citrus, southwest, skeleton, bedtime, check, greek, terrarium, paint, spoon, pony, western, wheels, xmas, spaceship, crystal, letter, beard, pot, salmon, elements, life, rain, horse, rainbow, bee, victorian, moon, purple, lemon, boats, sailing, mint, kit, sky, technology, rocket, violet, ghost, landscape, stone, plant, shakespeare, animal print, gemstone, polkadot, vegetable, denim, nautical, child, mermaid, fifties, owls, art deco, travel, camouflage, galaxy, farm, button, tile, hawaiian, clock, gingham, glass, ballet, time, picnic, architecture, gold, alien, patchwork, lime, ice, party, polkadots, shell, colourful, sunny, berry, pansy, new year, christmas tree, cosmos, tablecloth, antiquity, lake, romance, herbs, fabric8, mod, toy, bunny, apple, poppy, girl, afrocentric, coordinates, australia, bear, sheep, trees, frog, hand drawn, windows, guitar, watercolour, triangles, diamond, large scale, heart, rhino, pie, hawaii, pop art, starfish, lemonade, magic, cow, eggs, sweets, street art, geometry, hand, apples, farming, planet, ballerina, crickets, rabbits, dark, flame, pinstripe, boots, jazz, hare, pond, cancer, wheat, hills, pears, seaside, rabbit, chevron, peacock, hearts, monster, bunting, dragon, feathers, pomegranate, cherry, insects, turtle, cute, teal, gray, school, collage, paper, snowflakes, aztec, vegetables, ornament, chinese, sun, bubbles, panel, chicken, chair, chickens, mosaic, library, firefly, triangle, pixel, quilts, chemistry, fern, crayon, palette restricted, hat, collection, buttons, autumn, tiger, pumpkin, zigzag, solid, fire, spoons, lamb, utensil, scallop, sketch, seeds, biology, rockabilly, mountain, chart, cookie, safari, neutral, scarf, country, ants, key, road, stag, sand, hair, parrot, cubist, sea life, pine, flight, monochrome, chick, classic, furniture, table, folk art, independence, bathroom, goddess, flying, corn, square, bottle, fork, ombre, blueprint, flags, point,
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