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All artwork © Amy Steele Design. Sparrowsong products may be used to manufacture goods for sale, with credit to Sparrowsong Design. Thanks so much for your interest and support! Please join my Facebook for promotions and giveaways!


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trellis, quatrefoil, chevron, gold, ogee, linen, drapes, blue, coral, geometric, gray, mint, pink, white, wallpaper, lattice, navy, ikat, pillows, green, metallic, floral, aqua, moroccan, tribal, arrows, glitter, aztec, baby, modern, birds, dots, classic, damask, ocean, fabric, french, vintage, herringbone, chinoiserie, yellow, watercolor, nautical, nursery, black, clouds, polka dot, charcoal, orange, teal, jellyfish, purple, octopus, tangerine, decor, deer, silver, preppy, red, sea, black and white, waves, lavender, burlap, peacocks, beach, turquoise, fleur de lis, haeckel, brown, gingham, large scale, oval, spring, bamboo, lilac, girl, traditional, polka dots, antique, zebra, flamingo, check, ombre, feathers, abstract, polka, cream, peonies, tan, hearts, asian, winter, poppies, plus, western, dot, forest, grey, holiday, flourish, bedding, gradient, poppy, trees, arrow, peony, large, girls, solid, flock, christmas, plaid, chocolate, snowflake, zigzag, marble, texture, woods, square, baby girl, skull, seahorse, fall, bones, tiger, bright, blue and white, rustic, halloween, mushroom, boy, stars, squares, whimsical, violet, birch, natural, tartan, taupe, name, playful, chrysanthemum, mum, peacock, woodland, leaves, kids, circles, elephants, sea creatures, picnic, autumn, africa, flight, rust, anchors, gender neutral, interior, buffalo, golden, pillow, gothic, upholstery, baby animals, indigo, greek, scarf, sepia, fresh, royal, chic, gemstone, salmon, steampunk, fish, paisley, botanical, flowers, squid, rose, circus, silhouette, illustration, animal, snowflakes, tropical, zig zag, daffodil, skulls, heart, organic, leopard, marine, stone, coordinate, plum, animal print, home decor, brocade, toile, stripes, mermaid, tea towel, lemon, diamonds, nature, sailing, art, indian, anchor, batik, tulip, bold, renaissance, mustard, geo, feather, creatures, roses, hexagon, sunshine, bark, neutral, watermelon, fawn, carnival, key, chain, zig, mermaids, impressionist, small scale, mini, fleur, trendy, sea life, haunted, blush, print, hot pink, polkadot, emerald, sweater, mudcloth, masculine, flying, steam punk, raspberry, baby bedding, cheetah, personalized, exotic,
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Carnival in Mint, Navy and Gray
Carnival in Summer Brights
Carnival in Gray, Tomato Red and Sky Blue
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