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Designs by sophista-tiki



Dawn Frasier

International girl of tiki. Painter of South Pacific primitive design. Grade school 1962 meets vintage travel agency recption area. 30 yrs later....ITS FABRIC! email Dawn via to inquire about licensing designs or commission



  • large scale repeats designs

Esay Living, shield, volcanic earth
Esay Living, shield, volca...
bora Bora Intercontinental guest, aqua,moss
bora Bora Intercontinental...
Easy Living, shield, pale blue
Easy Living, shield, pale ...
The Polynesian with in blue
The Polynesian with in blue
 Old School,Nu Ku Gu Oru
Old School,Nu Ku Gu Oru
The Polynesian in Aqua
The Polynesian in Aqua
Tahitian drums, suave
Tahitian drums, suave
A-Frames  twilight
A-Frames twilight
Polynesian, green
Polynesian, green
 Easy Living, Moana Loa  Modern, white on brown
Easy Living, Moana Loa M...
Waikikian glow  black on blu
Waikikian glow black on blu
MO_Fabrics_A-frame  brown
MO Fabrics A-frame brown
Nu ku Gu Blu
Nu ku Gu Blu
The Polynesian orange
The Polynesian orange
Bora Bora intercontinental, guest, tobacco
Bora Bora intercontinental...
Bora Bora intercontinenatl guest, cloud
Bora Bora intercontinenatl...
 Havaiki haute, ruby marquesians
Havaiki haute, ruby marqu...
Easy Living, Moana Loa Modern, cream and brown
Easy Living, Moana Loa Mod...
Bora Bora Intercontinenrtal staff, frosted coco
Bora Bora Intercontinenrta...
Absractiva 2, Honolulu market, cloud
Absractiva 2, Honolulu mar...
Easy Living, escape, grassland
Easy Living, escape, grass...
NuGu No Ku  Orange
NuGu No Ku Orange
Mod-pa  in olive
Mod-pa in olive
Polynesian, turquois
Polynesian, turquois
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