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Designs by smuk



Penny Royal
Nelson New Zealand

I love fabric and mixing colour combinations! Smuk is my brand of clothing, accessories and fabric designs and Mooglees are handmade soft toys that I make.



  • zebra designs

Baby Zebra visits the Cheshire Cat in Wonderland
Baby Zebra visits the Ches...
Baby Zebras Visit the White Rabbit in Wonderland
Baby Zebras Visit the Whit...
Mooglee Zebra Grey Green Stripe
Mooglee Zebra Grey Green S...
Baby Zebra at Twilight in Wonderland
Baby Zebra at Twilight in ...
Mooglee Zebra White Blue Brown Stripe
Mooglee Zebra White Blue B...
Zebra Mooglee Cut & Sew Soft Toy
Zebra Mooglee Cut & Sew So...
Mooglee Zebra Polka Dot on Rainy Day Grey
Mooglee Zebra Polka Dot on...
Mooglee Zebra White Pink Black Stripe
Mooglee Zebra White Pink B...
Mooglee Zebra Tile on  White
Mooglee Zebra Tile on White
Baby Zebras Play Chess in Wonderland
Baby Zebras Play Chess in ...
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