Designs by risarocksit



Marisa Roberts-Hauptman
Vancouver Washington USA

My designs are equal parts cute, rock and roll, and just a little geeky. Just like me! I love graphic design and combining color and pattern in creative ways.



  • police box designs

Blue Phone Boxes and White Swirls on Black
Blue Phone Boxes and White...
Blue Phone Boxes and Black Swirls on White - Large Swirls
Blue Phone Boxes and Black...
Tardis inspired tote bag
Tardis inspired tote bag
White Phone Boxes and Swirls on Blue
White Phone Boxes and Swir...
Blue Phone Boxes and Swirls on White
Blue Phone Boxes and Swirl...
Tardis Skirt Kit
Tardis Skirt Kit
Blue on Blue Phone boxes
Blue on Blue Phone boxes