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Lauren Hayashibara
Honolulu HI USA

Welcome! I love designing prints from my own digital artwork and hand painted designs. Here, you can find prints similar to those from my "19th & Whimsy" contemporary women's clothing line along with a wider range of prints.


Purplish's News


nealencloth uploaded a project photo for purplish's design:

Gulls Coral Sunset
Organic Cotton Knit Hat
Posted over 2 years ago.

purplish commented on purplish's design:

Black and White Paws
Black and White Paws
You're right, bobgreenwade! That would be super cute! I'll keep that in mind for my next sampler order. Thanks!
Posted about 3 years ago.

bobgreenwade commented on purplish's design:

Black and White Paws
Black and White Paws
If you did this in brown, it would look like "someone" walked all over clean linen with muddy paws! :)
Posted about 3 years ago.

materialsgirl commented on purplish's design:

Chocolate Frosting
Chocolate Frosting
drooooooool.... I hope this is edible fabric or else you're a terrible tease! A delicious idea!
Posted almost 4 years ago.