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Brittney Ray
North Little Rock, Arkansas USA

I am a 25 year old who's addicted to all things artistic. Also, it's fine if you want to sell things made with my fabric etc. as long as you include a link to my shop.



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pond ripple, black, white, animals, red, nature, animal, stripes, geometric, dots, floral, whimsical, blue, abstract, yellow, teal, gold, bird, chevron, pink, green, brown, check, purple, sea, plaid, dot, cat, classic, monster, vintage, rainbow, gray, creature, lion, holiday, line, leaf, grey, b & w, kitty, diamond, zigzag, vine, color, bold, ocean, plant, tree, orange, horse, linen, polka, woodland, girl, star, rose, fox, leaves, arrow, sky, doll, rain, antique, triangle, texture, polkadot, pet, owl, forest, wood, fantasy, quilt, love, silver, science, space, snow, sun, insect, feather, golden, halloween, botanical, heart, paint, egyptian, ancient, boy, swirl, skin, christmas, kitten, lotus, bug, bright, pillow, sweet, children, splatter, fish, dragon, turquoise, farm, spring, winter, small, wonderland, man, tartan, coordinate, lightning, tulip, tiny, night, plush, cream, ink, royal, yeti, alice, snake, circle, photographic, large scale repeats, rabbit, daisy, garden, cut and sew, 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A Cherry on Top
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