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Sarah Walden

Fascinated by all things historical - but with a modern twist. What can I design for you? All designs are original, taken from public domain, Creative Commons or legally licensed.


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trendy, fur,
  • 80s designs

Jellyfish Swarm ~ Penzance
Jellyfish Swarm ~ Penzance
United Kingdom Flag ~ Wee
United Kingdom Flag ~ Wee
Monsieur Fancypantaloons' Instant Library ~ Doll Scale
Monsieur Fancypantaloons' ...
Lemon Botanical ~ Whist ~ Small
Lemon Botanical ~ Whist ~ ...
Claude Monet ~ Waterlilies ~ At Night ~ Large
Claude Monet ~ Waterlilies...
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Flouncy Fuschia
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Floun...
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Gardens of Atlantis
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Garde...
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Mystic Magenta
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Mysti...
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Oceana
Flowers Out of Bed ~ Oceana
Wuthering Heights Bold Text
Wuthering Heights Bold Text
Fill My Arms With Heather ~ Linen Luxe
Fill My Arms With Heather ...
Fill My Arms With Heather ~ Silver Leaf
Fill My Arms With Heather ...
Fill My Arms With Heather ~ Blackmail
Fill My Arms With Heather ...
Fill My Arms With Heather ~ Palais~Royal
Fill My Arms With Heather ...
A Dozen Dozen Roses ~ Sea Punk
A Dozen Dozen Roses ~ Sea ...
A Dozen Dozen Roses ~ New Romance
A Dozen Dozen Roses ~ New ...
Hit A Brick Wall ~ Grey
Hit A Brick Wall ~ Grey
Tam Lin Plaid
Tam Lin Plaid
Mid Century Modern ~ Flower Cocktail ~ Black and White on Dalliance
Mid Century Modern ~ Flowe...
Gingerbread Tile ~ Provencal ~ Blue and White
Gingerbread Tile ~ Provenc...
Fleurs de Provence ~ Dauphine on Henriette
Fleurs de Provence ~ Dauph...
William Morris ~ Growing Damask ~ Tulip Grove on White
William Morris ~ Growing D...
Springtime In The Butterflies ~ Garden ~ Brillig
Springtime In The Butterfl...
Glitterati ~ Emperor's Emerald
Glitterati ~ Emperor's Eme...
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