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Designs by peacoquettedesigns



Sarah Walden

Fascinated by all things historical - but with a modern twist. What can I design for you? All designs are original, taken from public domain, Creative Commons or legally licensed.


  • illustration designs

Haeckel Trachomedusae Jellyfish
Haeckel Trachomedusae Jell...
Lemon Botanical ~ Kiss Me, Hardy!
Lemon Botanical ~ Kiss Me,...
Alice & The Caterpillar
Alice & The Caterpillar
The Flower Shop
The Flower Shop
Equestrienne & The Hounds
Equestrienne & The Hounds
Tweedledum and Tweedledee Contrariwise
Tweedledum and Tweedledee ...
Alice & The Rabbit Border Print
Alice & The Rabbit Border ...
Alice & The Caterpillar ~ small
Alice & The Caterpillar ~ ...
Kate Greenaway's "A Is For Apple" ~Blue & White ~ Small
Kate Greenaway's "A Is For...
Pride and Prejudice ~ Counterdanse ~ Border Print ~ Versailles Blue
Pride and Prejudice ~ Coun...
Crown Damask ~ Parchment
Crown Damask ~ Parchment
Promenade ~ Border Print ~ Regency and Silver Leaf
Promenade ~ Border Print ~...
Fairy and Frog ~Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
Fairy and Frog ~Ida Rentou...
The Cissie Villa Damask ~ Gilt and Lonely Angel
The Cissie Villa Damask ~ ...
Equestrienne & The Hounds ~ Blue & White
Equestrienne & The Hounds ...
Equestrienne ~ Blue & White
Equestrienne ~ Blue & White
Alice ~ Small
Alice ~ Small
Here There Be Dragons ~ Black & White ~ Small
Here There Be Dragons ~ Bl...
Papilio ~ Trianon Cream
Papilio ~ Trianon Cream
The Very Swag of Marie Antoinette ~ Stripe
The Very Swag of Marie Ant...
Lemon Botanical ~ Whist ~ Linen Luxe
Lemon Botanical ~ Whist ~ ...
Alice Cheater Quilt
Alice Cheater Quilt
The Ballet-Girl's Revenge ~ Night
The Ballet-Girl's Revenge ...
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