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Patty Rybolt
Palm Beach Gardens FL United States

Hi, Welcome to my shop! I'm an Illustrator, Textile and Surface Designer who loves simple shapes, printmaking, quilt design, silkscreen printing and any pattern with a hand-drawn look!




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hand drawn, dots, nature, wallpaper, abstract, geometric, stripes, modern, quilt, leaves, illustration, kids, whimsical, graphic, animals, funky, birds, mod, branches, organic, ocean, blue, vintage, aqua, retro, sea, tropical, farm, fish, girls, fabric, green, fun, purple, chickens, nursery, umbrella, tea, peas, beach, orange, tea party, boys, pink, pattern, sweets, lilac, tangerine, rain, watercolor, sea creatures, starfish, type, cheater quilt, tile, spring, spots, yellow, matisse, lily, chick, teapot, bees, easter, daisy, arrow, large scale, egg, quilt block, halloween, baby, arrows, unicorn, water, love, garden, happy, summer, branch, home, hen, christmas, flowers, mustache, dinosaur, bag, frog, leaf, paper, cartoon, holiday, earth day, spoon, cookies, cross, block print, pods, large scale repeats, tote, handmade, baby girl, elephant, toile, chevron, nautical, peacock, kitchen, floral, tea towel, feathers, text, cut & sew, sailing, typewriter, chocolate, hand, dot, lantern, cream, british, sea creature, scribble, square, cut, dragonflies, owl, cat, calendar, black and white, valentine, french, pillow, snow, cute, pirate, boats, fashion, letters, wellies, cut and sew, chicken, diamond, winter, 2013, stamp, bamboo, scale, party, 1950, zoo, seaweed, birdcage, hydrangea, black & white, wave, drawn, royal, scary, white, cranes, plum, pine, snowman, bicycle, hearts, sewing, apron, geek chic, whale, mid century, girl, cherry, whales, circles, bird, books, asian, grey, snowflakes, dragonfly, shark, cameo, vegetables, squares, typography, kitten, zig zag, large, seahorse, fall, heart, small, palette restricted, lavender, tulip, moroccan, great barrier reef, eggs, bold, zigzag, colorful, kuler, sew, bug, anti valentines day, shapes, plus, creatures, roses, dress, irish, country, safari, babies, costume, surf, chain, quilting, sailboats, cool, cage, pets, valentines day, cushion, clothes, silly, rings, holly, mittens, creature, cherry blossoms, goose, onion,
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Today's Chalkboard Special!
Today's Chalkboard Special!
Spotty Dotty Starfish (salmon & lt. aqua)
Spotty Dotty Starfish (sal...
Bumpy Dotty Stripe (tangerine & white)
Bumpy Dotty Stripe (tanger...
Seaweed Love (lt. aqua, salmon + white)
Seaweed Love (lt. aqua, sa...
Autumn Love (peacock)
Autumn Love (peacock)
Safari Baby!
Safari Baby!
Safari Baby! (slate, lt. aqua + white)
Safari Baby! (slate, lt. a...
ski retro
ski retro
bird of paradise (blue and green)
bird of paradise (blue and...
My Garden Sketchbook
My Garden Sketchbook
Rainy Days Flip (deep sky)
Rainy Days Flip (deep sky)
Rainy Days  (light sky blue)
Rainy Days (light sky blue)
fish net (lt. Aqua, Salmon and White)
fish net (lt. Aqua, Salmon...
Birthday Party Pets!
Birthday Party Pets!
BooBoo Buddy (cut + sew critter)
BooBoo Buddy (cut + sew cr...
Mr. Egret (pen & ink with watercolor)
Mr. Egret (pen & ink with ...
Bumpy Stripe Wide (aqua & gull grey)
Bumpy Stripe Wide (aqua & ...
Rainy Days Vintage Umbrella (black & lt. aqua)
Rainy Days Vintage Umbrell...
Mr. 9to5 Zombie Plush Toy by Patty Rybolt Designs!
Mr. 9to5 Zombie Plush Toy ...
Cherry Blossoms & Paper Lanterns! (sketch multi)
Cherry Blossoms & Paper La...
'Ordinary Girl' Power
'Ordinary Girl' Power
Paper Lantern Festival!
Paper Lantern Festival!
l'art des poulet! (robin's egg blue)
l'art des poulet! (robin's...
Love Notes For Love Birds! (blue sky)
Love Notes For Love Birds!...