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Christine Johnson
United States

Artist-designer So glad you stopped by. Contact me for any resizing. Thank you so much and Happy Designing


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nature, stripes, dots, floral, vintage, geometric, abstract, animals, holiday, large scale repeats, whimsical, photographic, children, large scale, birds, plaid, christmas, kitchen, music, bugs, animal, tiki, quilt, black, fruit, chevron, baby, leaves, travel, large scale repeat, skull, halloween, beach, nautical, french, cheater quilt, monkey, food, tree, mod, geek, nursery, upholstery, winter, white, paris, zombie, blue, stars, dragon, bees, red, bird, flowers, ditsy, elephant, black and white, girl, crest, midsummer, gnome, camping, cut and sew, damask, coral, words, circles, fairies, green, cocktail, zebra, summer, camo, lace, candy, pink, cooking, violets, home decor, robot, border, mushroom, coffee, modern, typography, check, zigzag, geo, mushrooms, movie, ginkgo, burlap, botanical, sea, love, snowflakes, tropical, angel, wedding, lamb, fish, calendar, retro, hearts, rose, space, bee, linen, dolls, camouflage, trees, zig zag, star, woodland, cats, apple, breakfast, picnic, lime, roosters, drink, jewels, liberty, boy, tea towel, feathers, pomegranate, african, navy, purple, seahorse, pixel, apples, circle, dessert, drinks, gingerbread, butterfly, paisley, toile, fox, book, orange, goth, leprechaun, lion, argyle, hawaiian, camera, chocolate, civil rights, fly, project, political, vampires, valentine, bunny, rococo, shoes, plushie, turquoise, sailing, spoons, sports, pumpkin, rooster, clover, surf, cross, family, emerald, weave, planes, gemstone, ocean, boys, victorian, desert, fishing, wood, garden, giraffe, pattern, boats, mask, arrow, baby animals, shells, rock, fleur de lis, party, childrens, gaming, brick, ants, painted, critter, cherries, animal print, holly, square, ornate, hunting, creature, rabbit, child, apron, clouds, mustache, text, books, asian, leaf, border print, school, letters, moon, art, cocktail dress, guitar, clown, kit, fairy tale, spring, skulls, fall, bells, bones, olive, orchid, bamboo, gnomes, urban, donkey, elf, vacation, retro kitchen, gamer, reindeer, cut, flying, outdoors, trendy, historical, pigs, dog, cat, doll, science, horse, mermaid, ikat, cheater, cars, pillow, napkin, jellyfish, bike, water, butterflies, gray, cut & sew, umbrella, cake, dragonfly, tea towel calendar, sunflower, kitty, color, chinese, hand drawn, indian, peace, citrus, duck, gardening, diamond, moroccan, spots, cocktails, photo, boat, military, crown, surfing, sew, planet, roses, patriotic, irish, instrument, baking, harlequin, ink, lips, religious, history, bell, classic, snowman, shamrock, santa, hollywood, gems, checkered, skate, cottage, rain, alphabet, map, deer, ice cream, yellow, palette limited, bunting, vampire, easter, fantasy, cherry, tea, stars and stripes, gothic, insects, poetry, aviation, fashion, grey, paper, deco, sea creatures, trellis, cameo, typewriter, tile, bacon, sky, palette restricted, hat, comic, bowling, gold, toile de jouy, spoon, acorn, landscape, poppies, hero, hand, solid, feather, stone, play, camper, creatures, bohemian, insect, medallion, dress, tools, scarf, chinese paper cutting, towel, new york, season, sexy, sea creature, transportation, blue and white, peach, advent calendar, drawn, july 4, recipes, dragons, sailor, games, palm, spaceship, toast, ladies, parrot, dancers, stag, flight, tea towels, ducks, independence, baby girl, 2014, bible, mirrored, musical instruments, chicago, tote, flags, sock,
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