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Eloisa Docton

I am an Independent Graphic & Surface Artist / Crafter / Geek / Mom / CEO of my household / Customer Service Advocate at Spoonflower. Nice to meet you!!



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whimsical, stripes, flowers, geometric, dots, chevrons, animals, polka dots, lines, green, blue, orange, nature, hearts, grey, modern, zig zag, motorcycles, pink, chevron, mod, owls, birds, dog, abstract, puppy, damask, zig, vespa, balloons, umbrellas, peach, tangerine, mint, brown, boston terrier, love, vintage, christmas, fox, linen, sea, mums, cheater quilt, watercolor, holiday, white, geeky, foxes, rain, baby, retro, beach, triangles, doll, fish, feathers, red, trees, robots, aqua, heart, books, snowflakes, squares, neutral, owl, geek, yellow, clouds, rainbow, arrows, snow, pattern, daisies, leaves, nursery, unicorn, water, anchor, glasses, bikes, circle, unicorns, sweater, valentine, floral, bugs, animal, arrow, nerd, winter, line, anchors, large scale repeats, boy, pillow, paris, garden, elephants, black, panda, large, girls, whales, library, mustard, navajo, whimsy, dandelions, robot, coral, kids, girl, whale, dolls, bird, cute, summer, olive, lavender, knit, alligator, cream, painted, tree, elephant, ocean, navy, city, bag, diamonds, blossoms, painting, trellis, happy, cut and sew, starfish, scale, colorful, clover, greens, princess, handbag, mermaids, colors, quirky, geekery, rockets, diy, baby boy, bicycle, kitchen, deer, stars, forest, bunting, quilt, african, book, plushie, circles, bike, purple, monkey, bear, turquoise, asian, waves, octopus, paper, letters, cherry blossom, valentines, large scale, gold, zigzag, 80s, wallpaper, paint, geo, bicycles, crosses, bees, surf, woods, bears, big, drops, banner, charcoal, crocodile, burlap, fun, rainbows, hand painted, fabric8, black and white, halloween, paisley, woodland, palette limited, french, fruit, branches, daisy, lace, giraffe, lemon, leaf, gray, cut & sew, drawing, tropical, chinese, mardi gras, hand drawn, button, jungle, hawaiian, spring, sky, gardening, fall, small, tiny, cooking, heroes, autumn, spoon, hipster, lilac, party, apples, ornaments, feather, mushrooms, play, medallion, western, sunshine, superhero, dot, valentine s day, carnival, sock monkey, underwater, cool, boston, rust, snails, tapestry, retro kitchen, reading, caterpillar, fork, decor, confetti, mustaches, jelly fish, eiffel, giraffes, baby bedding,
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