Designs by miss_blümchen



Miss Blümchen
Dresden Saxony Germany

I'm dressmaker and designer. My collections are inspired by the mediterranean, the orient, flowers and plants. All my designs have incorporated a small mistake. This is an old tradition of oriental rug weavers who will bring happiness.




  • pine designs

bosporus_tiles blue-white-silk crepe de chine
bosporus tiles blue-white-...
bosporus_tiles red wine black silk crepe de chine
bosporus tiles red wine bl...
bosporus_tiles bluegreen-Twill-ch-ch
bosporus tiles bluegreen-T...
bosporus_tiles red black silk crepe de chine
bosporus tiles red black s...
bosporus_tiles turquoise white silk crepe de chine
bosporus tiles turquoise w...
Persian-white turquoise xxl
Persian-white turquoise xxl
bosporus_tiles mustard white silk crepe de chine
bosporus tiles mustard whi...
bosporus_tiles mustard-white 1
bosporus tiles mustard-whi...
bosporus_tiles pink-white 1
bosporus tiles pink-white 1
Persian-white pink  xxl
Persian-white pink xxl
bosporus_tiles turquoise-white 1
bosporus tiles turquoise-w...
bosporus_tiles blue-white-ed
bosporus tiles blue-white-ed
bosporus_tiles white black
bosporus tiles white black
bosporus_tiles black-white 1
bosporus tiles black-white 1
bosporus_tiles blue-blue-ed
bosporus tiles blue-blue-ed
bosporus_tiles blue-pink-ed
bosporus tiles blue-pink-ed
bosporus_tiles green gold silk crepe de chine
bosporus tiles green gold ...
bosporus_tiles white black1
bosporus tiles white black1
Persian-white mustard xl
Persian-white mustard xl
Persian-white green xl
Persian-white green xl
bosporus_tiles green silk crepe de chine
bosporus tiles green silk ...
bosporus_tiles blue-white-ch
bosporus tiles blue-white-ch
bosporus_tiles blue-blue
bosporus tiles blue-blue
bosporus_tiles blue-green-ed
bosporus tiles blue-green-ed