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Mina Wagner

All the designs I do somehow come out as fabric designs. They may start as photos, drawings, embroidery, dye-painted fabrics, batiks or virtual batiks, or even typography, but they all lead to fabrics. Often they are Art Nouveau or William Morris inspired


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abstract, geometric, nature, batik, vintage, quilt, animals, leaves, art nouveau, leaf, hawaiian quilt, green, turquoise, medieval, diagonal, blue and white, japanese, cream, purple, teal, seafoam, organic, renaissance, cheater quilt, flowers, cats, water, aqua, cat, blue, whimsical, indigo, stamp, graphic, border, floral, fishing, butterflies, tree, fish, regency, waves, violet, white, japan, india, garden, spirals, tea towel, antique, hawaiian, embroidery, multicolor, butterfly, drawing, stripes, lace, brown, lavender, rose, fishes, herb, dots, herb garden, grapes, fashion, dresses, spiral, style, retro, grass, peach, cross stitch, lilac, tapestry, periwinkle, black and white, diamond, embroidery pattern, sand, gingko, large scale repeats, ocean, bird, black, hexagon, tan, william morris, deer, hearts, daffodils, dragonfly, tessellation, typography, heart, patchwork, colorful, stained glass, bright, iris, sailboats, botanical, watercolor, forest, sea, love, sailing, snail, snowflake, sketch, texture, black & white, type, teatowel, sage, birds, calendar, paisley, peacock, skirt, pattern, koi, small, horses, 80s, taupe, photographic, light, berry, sea turtle, horse, bee, puzzle, upholstery, trees, letters, lines, color, hand drawn, fall, olive, photo, hat, autumn, raven, marine, quilt block, honeycomb, greens, ink, mauve, turtles, 2014, font, owl, rain, alphabet, christmas, coffee, stars, valentine, yellow, cheater, book, 2012 calendar, squirrel, gray, illustration, art, sky, summer, daffodil, crow, kid, lily, baby book, grasses, lilies, calendars, neighborhood, cloth book, dress, photograph, star, colourful, small scale, raindrops, color swatch, and, placemat, color map,
  • organic designs

Baby Seaturtles  in Light through Water - self-bordering
Baby Seaturtles in Light ...
Dogfish sharks in shallow water - zoom for full pattern & self-border effect
Dogfish sharks in shallow ...
Japanese Fabric Stamp Flower - close - indigo - adj-2012
Japanese Fabric Stamp Flow...
 Butterfly drawing 2 -  dk bluegreen 175 on lt minagreen 170
Butterfly drawing 2 - dk...
Leaf-in-Square fabric indigo-sepia
Leaf-in-Square fabric indi...
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil-1 fabric marine-blue
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil...
 Leafy Field Arts & Crafts style fabric - bluegreen & brown with dragonflies
Leafy Field Arts & Crafts...
Leaf texture fabric - lg white-BLACK
Leaf texture fabric - lg w...
Feral Cats Poster linen teatowel - lt-green border
Feral Cats Poster linen te...
Spirit of the Sea_turtles_&_spirals_bluegreen
Spirit of the Sea turtles ...
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil1 small indigo-white
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil...
2014 cross-stitch garden linen teatowel calendar  - 18x27in
2014 cross-stitch garden l...
Dyepaint leaf BORDER fabri...
Osprey Fishing fabric with clouds
Osprey Fishing fabric with...
Maple Leaf with Raindrops - half-brick
Maple Leaf with Raindrops ...
Japanese-fabric-stamps-flower-diamond-INDIGO - adj 2012
Marsh1c seafoam & bluegree...
All-around-the-hues color palettes test - Illustrator version
All-around-the-hues color ...
 Leafy Field Arts & Crafts style fabric - white & soft-green with dragonflies
Leafy Field Arts & Crafts...
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