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Mina Wagner

All the designs I do somehow come out as fabric designs. They may start as photos, drawings, embroidery, dye-painted fabrics, batiks or virtual batiks, or even typography, but they all lead to fabrics. Often they are Art Nouveau or William Morris inspired


  • hexagon designs

Japanese Hexagonal Stencil-1 fabric marine-blue
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil...
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil1 small indigo-white
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil...
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil1 (small) antique-brown white
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil...
Grandmother's Flower Garden-2_quilt-fabric_7in_repeat
Grandmother's Flower Garde...
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil fabric - antique brown
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil...
Grandmother's flower garden quilt-1c-with-honeybees
Grandmother's flower garde...
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil1 marine-blue & white
Japanese Hexagonal Stencil...
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