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Susan Lafleur
Springfield MA USA

Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is an eclectic collection, to say the least. I take inspiration from whatever strikes my fancy, so cohesive, it ain't. (Though there are some mini-collections). Feel free to comment, request, suggest.


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geometric, abstract, stripes, dots, flowers, bright, pastel, nature, zigzag, circles, squares, chevron, floral, vintage, spring, mandala, plaid, dot, coordinate, mod, bicycle, art deco, pink, green, blue, geometry, watercolor, stars, yellow, whimsical, check, light, retro, bike, mosaic, kaleidoscope, rooster, rose, orange, diamond, large, stained glass, circle, pony, photographic, square, horse, sea, quilt, red, purple, lemon, cute, deco, argyle, citrus, 20s, horses, spider, yarn, white, soft, op art, kitchen, ocean, valentine, dragon, words, easter, wood, tribal, turquoise, border print, fashion, grey, zig zag, heart, small, pop art, knit, lime, simple, equestrian, style, skull, doll, black and white, halloween, baby, hearts, art nouveau, coral, palette limited, beach, fruit, navy, animals, arrows, pillow, snow, water, love, pattern, arrow, black, farm, knitting, houndstooth, summer, gold, bikes, bicycles, roses, country, wood grain, transportation, pinstripe, retro kitchen, checkerboard, tan, stylized, vehicles, exotic, cat, science, butterfly, border, rabbit, food, cheater quilt, cupcake, sewing, leaves, victorian, african, travel, stars and stripes, daisy, coordinates, garden, diamonds, waves, paper, blossoms, antique, sun, bubbles, art, kitten, clock, chicken, gingham, glass, time, olive, palette restricted, geode and gemstone, holiday, hat, lavender, magic, sports, eggs, egg, spoon, africa, creepy, tartan, utensil, polka dot, insect, daisies, mom, urban, chinese paper cutting, texture, fly, harlequin, woodwork, baking, babies, spooky, pollinator, games, gem, crystal, chick, storm, blooms, marbled, mountains, woodshop, sweater, reading, magician, bouquet, mother s day, ombre, cold,
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