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Maaike Boot

Illustrator at the Little Smilemakers Studio. Consider ordering a swatch before buying yardage. Colors shown here could be slightly different on fabric. :) Please do share your finished projects. Enjoy the collection!


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Geometric woodland arrow and owl winter pattern
Geometric woodland arrow a...
Hot summer pineapple pink trend
Hot summer pineapple pink ...
Geometric triangle in trendy black gray white and pastel blue
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Scandinavian vikings and pirate ship illustration pattern
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Indian arrow geometric pattern in pastel and black
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Geometric fox and pine tree illustration pattern
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Woodland geometric grizzly bear doodle illustration pattern
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Woodland geometric lion doodle illustration pattern
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Plus plus geometric modern patterns
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Hot summer pineapple ocean blue
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Dreamy sky and pastel clouds
Dreamy sky and pastel clouds
Unicorn rainbow dream
Unicorn rainbow dream
Skull rainbow dreams
Skull rainbow dreams
Quirky geometric pastels
Quirky geometric pastels
Crazy halloween pumpkin cat and skull illustration pattern
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Crazy for London
Crazy for London
Geometric tribal aztec triangle blue modern patterns
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Pirate ship and parrot
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Cool fox hipster music
Cool fox hipster music
Seahorses and coral ocean under water world
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Knight sword and castle pattern
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geometric pastel sleepy blue sky cloud pattern
geometric pastel sleepy bl...
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