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Pittsburgh PA USA

I'm an engineer by education (electrical) and profession (software), but I've always loved to draw and sew.



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stripes, dots, nature, vintage, abstract, geometric, skull, flowers, animals, skulls, whimsical, geek, rose, roses, ocean, feathers, art, feather, water, sea, fish, bird, birds, swirl, tree, trees, sketch, forest, swirls, large scale, paint, watercolor, arrow, circuit, chevron, plaid, lace, pond, comic, hero, robot, city, pattern, robots, paper, nerd, urban, woods, comics, pen, science, mod, love, school, diamond, heart, keys, spiral, writing, star, key, beads, spirals, stars, floral, kids, waves, animal, goldfish, ink, lightning, owl, halloween, toy, bunny, sewing, art nouveau, quilt, cheater, modern, red, wood, travel, argyle, spring, kit, sky, gingham, plane, geometry, sew, grunge, chain, project, video, repeats, christmas, baby, peacock, retro, music, cheater quilt, valentine, clouds, fruit, tattoo, poppy, circles, game, anchor, blue, airplane, plants, summer, technology, fall, holiday, pixel, autumn, poppies, hand, stone, grid, buildings, hot, pencils, fabric8, dog, doll, calendar, alphabet, rabbit, food, nautical, hearts, woodland, yellow, palette limited, owls, tea towel, space, vampire, shoes, book, cars, puzzle, plushie, snow, bike, math, butterflies, pink, car, dogs, green, zombie, mask, cut&sew, sea creatures, moon, tessellation, shark, zombies, hand drawn, time travel, cut and sew pattern, skeleton, puppy, winter, sharks, spots, quilts, bones, sports, night, cloud, guns, spider, bunnies, rocket, ditsy, scale, crown, fire, calendars, bikes, circle, abc, queen, creatures, western, towel, blood, bloom, babies, grass, big, shoe, motorcycle, royal, photographic, scales, dessert, pets, crystal, puppies, 4th of july, boots, sugar, independence, gun, planes, square, rocks, anchors, vampires, spaceship, blooms, creature, machine, splatter, point, cut,
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Painted Gingham (Blue Skies)
Painted Gingham (Whisper Grey)
Painted Gingham (Whisper G...
Small Painted Gingham (Blue Skies)
Small Painted Gingham (Blu...
Small Painted Gingham (Whisper Grey)
Small Painted Gingham (Whi...
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