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Kathleen Howard

Message me for resizing designs or colors changes and turning designs 90 degrees to better use the fabric. I share an interest in fabric design with my sister ArtbyJaneWalker . I'm a quilter and have a love of fabric. I l


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nature, geometric, abstract, green, red, blue, pink, stripes, vintage, large scale repeats, dots, mirrored, rose, yellow, gold, white, purple, orange, ditsy, border, brown, cats, mod, dahlias, flowers, quilt block, star, swirl, photographic, horses, roses, cheater quilt, plaid, daffodils, bedtime, christmas, animals, black, whimsical, cross, pinwheel, map, horse, holiday, floral, leaves, teal, lavender, black and white, diamonds, violet, tulip, crosses, marble, medallion, iris, tan, calendar, watercolor, love, snowflakes, aqua, hexagon, pine, butterfly, butterflies, chickens, chevron, ocean, snow, pointillism, gray, tulips, diamond, winter, patchwork, bright, 2015 calendar, dog, stars, quilt, matisse, zig zag, small, bold, zigzag, neutral, island, frame, islands, grape, applique, sage, toile, botanical, deer, hearts, tea towel, cheater, lace, coordinates, trees, turtle, lizard, trellis, ornament, squares, clown, large scale, coloring book, palette restricted, ribbon, cactus, lily, lilies, film noir, tiles, brick, petals, dahlia, tree, cat, boy, damask, toy, valentine, coral, dragon, modern, navy, wood, pillow, silhouette, border print, waves, pattern, graffiti, tea towel calendar, chinese, hand drawn, mint, tile, evergreen, daffodil, time, night, birch, cow, bunnies, street art, wallpaper, spoons, rooster, feather, dress, sepia, grass, spoonflower, maps, claw, sailboat, drops, 4in1, light, quilting, marbled, field, snowman, sign, woven, foliage, rocks, 2014, reptile, chameleon, salmon, gecko,
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