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Designs by khowardquilts



Kathleen Howard

Message me for resizing designs or colors changes. I share an interest in fabric design with my sister ArtbyJaneWalker . I'm a quilter and have a love of fabric. I love printing treasures from God's creation on fabric.


  • abstract designs

_Converging Frosty_Road_45_2x2_pinwheel_crop Picnik_collage
Converging Frosty Road 45...
Geometric Flower Border Stripe_1d
Geometric Flower Border St...
_Siberian_Iris petal_sq crop 6_11_07_004-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch
Siberian Iris petal sq cr...
lightened 4 color sepia from nc red_swirl_4_Picnik_collage-ch-ed-ed
lightened 4 color sepia fr...
Cross and Star blue white.
Cross and Star blue white.
Cross and Star in apricot yellow and brown
Cross and Star in apricot ...
ripple birch leaves Oct 8 ...
basic tone-on-tone_purple_asters_9_24_07_005-ch-ed
basic tone-on-tone purple ...
Four petals M (#002-002)
 Molten lava red_swirl_4 12 colors_Picnik_collage-ch
Molten lava red swirl 4 1...
ocean map F2
Stripes and diamonds green tint white_D-5-ch-ch-ch-ch
Stripes and diamonds green...
Salmon pink_swirl_4 4 colors_Picnik_collage-ch-ch
Salmon pink swirl 4 4 colo...
Golden sepia_swirl_4 4 color_Picnik_collage-ch-ch-ch-ed
Golden sepia swirl 4 4 col...
bright gold_swirl_4_4 colors Picnik_collage-ch-ch-ch
bright gold swirl 4 4 colo...
Glowing Pinwheel_Stars (nas_leaves_45_-ch-ch-ch-ch)
Glowing Pinwheel Stars (na...
2 color edit red_swirl_4_Picnik_collage-ch-ch
2 color edit red swirl 4 P...
qt 2 crop fushia aster Pic...
Green Diamonds and White Stars D-4
Green Diamonds and White S...
24 colors_A_6300x1024_Picnik_collage-ch
24 colors A 6300x1024 Picn...
dt FotoFlexer Photo
Yellow Cross and Star with green and red.
Yellow Cross and Star with...
gold and blue star burst
gold and blue star burst
Curvy swirls D-2b
Curvy swirls D-2b
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